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        One Hundred Years Of Zishan Strong Enterprise In Agriculture

        To provide safe, healthy, safe food for the community!

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        Expanding and Strengthening the Canned Food Industry | City Leaders Led a Team to Visit Zishan Group

        Expanding and Strengthening the Canned Food Industry | City Leaders Led a Team to Visit Zishan Group

        On the afternoon of October 30th, Lin Shaojin, Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government, and Lu Li, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, led a team to visit Zishan Group for on-site supervision. Honghe, President of Zishan Group, and Hong Yahong, President of Zhangzhou Canned Food Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of Zishan Group, attended the event.Lin Shaojin a...

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        Purple mountain group

        Purple mountain group was founded in March 1984, is located in southern China "food city" in China, known as "China of canned" and Chinese mushroom city of zhangzhou, after 38 years of rolling development Has established base construction, production processing and marketing as one of the food chain, machinable various agricultural and sideline products nearly 200000 tons, is the agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise, China canned industry top ten enterprises, national food industry key enterprises, for many years by the zhangzhou government named "large taxpayer".